My Phone Will Soon Be Free From Opression!

When it comes to buying phones here's the thing, some people try to get the newest coolest thing they can find and others look for the the phone that looks and functions well. Sometimes you can't avoid it and there's nothing wrong with wanting cool. When I can't find what I feel is a gadget that fits all my criterion I usually opt for total non-participation or participation on a small scale so that I can get done what I need and that's that. What people don't always tend to do is think of how to play the game or finding a phone or gadget that helps you play the game in an entirely different way. Enter the cell phone game. The hard part about the cell phone game is that no matter how great your phone is capable of being (iphone) it's still a slave to a carrier. Their rules, systems, prices, service and all of this whether it's good or bad. Then you have carriers with tons of rules but atleast have a great service to back it up. At the same time though you device can't match up most times. If you're lucky enough to have both a great carrier and great device you're probably paying $100 or more for your voice and data plan. The last choice would be using skpe on your computer but for the most part being confined to your home space. Or using it on your laptop with a cell card and ummmmm having to carry around your laptop. But I digress lets get back to the phones for now. Right now I have a Boost mobile phone. The phone I have isn't fancy by any means. The phone itself sucks ass. Here take a look. So why use a crappy phone, well because my phone bill is $60 bucks a month and I can call anyone in the country any time i want on the sprint network. This means my service and reception are great and I don't get huge on phone bills, but come on, no one wants this phone. But what I've been waiting for is something that doesn't make me compromise. See here's the thing. While most other people were happy with their phone (including really buggy phone email), I had a Clie Peg-UX50/u (pictured below), wifi, bluetooth, IM, PDF's, video recorder, camera, email, calender, todo's... the whole bit. It's not that special until I tell you this was back in 2002. So in 2002 I was shrinking-down movies and watching them on my Clie, while waiting in the doctors office. I loved that thing (and I still have it). But most of all what I loved was the freedom of not being tied down. They had some services where you could talk to other people (with voice) via the internet, but it was always a work around, the technology just wasn't there yet. Now enter 2008 and the Nokia N810 Internet tablet WiMAX edition (pictured above). I can use Skype or Gizmo (cheap/free internet phones services) over my internet device using WiFi. What's even better is that there's nation-wide roll-out (possibly starting in Chicogo, Boston, and New York) of a service called WiMax. It's basically internet on your handheld device where ever you go, without needing a cell card or something like that. So I pay for internet and get phone too all in my pocket. The cool thing is that if I'm fine finding Wifi spots and only talking then I can do that. The point is that it's my choice, I don't have to be dictated too about how much my plan is, when I can talk, 5 or 10 my circle or milky roll over mintues. I get things my way on my terms (mostly). Some people might call this a hassle, but I call it the cost of true independence from the cellular phone companies.

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