Ad & Fashion Photographer Shows True Passion in Stagg Party

Most know of the Independent Film Channel as one of the five, or so stops, on the tv dial (or sat menu) where you can enjoy quality independent films.  Though, IFC has its hands in all kinds of stuff, from film, to music, to politics.  One of the most impressive properties that IFC distributes is its web series.  From IFC's first web series Getting Away with Murder, to the quirky parody Good Morning Internet! the series are fresh and interesting. Adding to the eclectic lineup is The Stagg Party, a documentary series of photographer Ellen Stagg.  Snapping pictures since Ellen was 16, she went on to get her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.  Commercially, she has built her illustrious career shooting art, fashion, and celebrity pics.  But her true passion is shooting nude shots.  Ellen's talent in this area made it hard for her to find a niche.  Her collection was too artsy for porn mags, but to porny for sites like  So she started her own glam, nude photo site called With new episodes each Monday, The Stagg Party documents the Brooklyn photographer's true passion, how it affects her dating life and relationships, and how she balances her erotic work with her mainstream clients.  Most of all, it gives insight into the life of a woman who has designed a successful career on her own terms. Check out episode 1: A Fine Artist.  But, be warned it's FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY!

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