Movie madness in SF

If you missed the first day here's your chance to not miss anymore days. Support independent films.

Wednesday Oct. 15

Thursday Oct. 16

Friday Oct. 17


California premiere! Growing Awareness Back to our food future 7:00 p.m. Buy tickets

San Francisco premieres! "The TRUE Cost of Oil" Short films on oil exploitation 7:15 p.m. Buy tickets

California premiere! The Big Sellout Commodifying human needs 7:30 p.m. Buy tickets

Q & A after screening

Q & A after screening

Q & A after screening


The World According to Monsanto Investigating a corporate serial killer 9:15 p.m. Buy tickets

GasHole Co-director Scott Roberts scheduled to attend 9:15 p.m. Buy tickets

California premiere! Visioneers Starring Zach Galifianakis 9:30 p.m. Buy tickets

Schedule subject to change

To get the latest announcements and details about the 2008 Anti-Corporate Film Festival — and other events and programs happening before and after the Festival — sign up for the CounterCorp News e-newsletter list. CounterCorp Official Selection seal Growing Awareness — An unvarnished look at a more sustainable alternative to the current global food system, in which a handful of giant government-subsidized "agri- businesses" control what we eat. Director Jade Ajani and local organic farmer Antonio Roman-Acala (SF Alemany Farm) will speak after the film. (USA, 2008, 100 minutes) Return to top The World According to Monsanto — A detective story that follows a trail of deception, devastation, and death left by a corporate serial killer whose weapons include bovine growth hormone, defoliants/herbicides/insecticides, dioxin, genetically-modified crops, PCBs, seed patents and other so-called intellectual property. Directed by Marie-Monique Robin (France, 2008, 109 min) In English with voiceovers. Return to top "The TRUE Cost of Oil" — A program of three short films that coincides with two upcoming San Francisco civil trials against Richmond, California-based Chevron Corporation. Includes previews of two works-in-progress — The Naked Option and Sweet Crude — and Justicia Now! (USA, 2008 30 minutes), all of which document Chevron's exploitation of the people and the environment of Nigeria and Ecuador. The films will be followed by an extended panel discussion including Nigerian activist Ayo Ajisebutu; Cindy Cohn, one of the plaintiffs attorneys in the Chevron lawsuits; Antonia Juhasz, author of The Tyranny of Oil; Martin O Brien and Robbie Proctor, co-directors of Justicia Now!; and Mitch Anderson of the environmental non-profit Amazon Watch. Return to top GasHole — An eye-opening history and analysis of U.S. oil consumption, pricing, and the economic, political, and cultural effects of being the world's largest consumer and importer of oil. What (or is it who?) is impeding efforts to change that fact, such as the development of alternative fuels? Narrated by actor Peter Gallagher. Q & A with Co- director Scott Roberts after film. (USA, 2008, 101 mins.) Return to top The Big Sellout — Documents the real outcomes of the privatization of basic human necessities such as water, electricity, transportation, and healthcare on four major continents: essentially, higher prices for less service — or, if you're too poor to be able to afford it, no service at all. Directed by Florian Optiz. (Germany, 2006, 94 min.)

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