Dizzy Balloon Floats into the Atmosphere with a Hot Rockin’ San Francisco CD Release Party

I walk in late as the band was on stage tuning. It reminds me of my high school rock days---guitarist noodling out licks from Zeppelin, Drummer lightly rockin' a Rush solo lick, keyboardist tinkling away on some atmospheric ditty---and I set my opinion low for what this band was going to be. Lights go up... crowd hushes down... and Dizzy Balloon takes the stage... The teenage, garage-band fascade quickly falls as DB's frontman Petros A.P. reaches out and metaphorically grabbes us all by the shirts... shaking us awake. The crowd goes wild as they launch into their new material and my juvenile first opinion gets crushed to the floor by dancing feet. Starting the show with a quartet of horn players walking through the crowd; continuing by inviting 30+ people up on stage to sing chorus; and finishing up with a giant balloon drop; the showmanship never faltered. Through the 45 minute set, there was an exceptional assemblage of musical styles and players on stage as well. This is a band that sounds like it's from the past, but could only exist today. Sampling styles ranging from the Beatles to Queen; with modern electro sounds, classic musical theater melodies, and 50's Beach Boys-esque origins they feel at home in all of those era's... but really just want to rock a show with the likes of The Arctic Monkeys today. I walked out of the venue afterwards as if they had just played Saturday Night Live. And I can easily see that bright future ahead of them. But back in the present, I encourage all of you to go see them and to pick up their self-titled CD*. You will be singing their praises too (along with humming some unforgettable tunes). Upcoming shows: 10/25 - Facing New York, Dizzy Balloon, Built For The Sea @ Bottom Of The Hill $10 --- ** Full disclosure for journalistic integrity: I designed the CD artwork for them (along with the fantastic illustrator Paris Raupach). Although, this is a fair review of their music since I did not get a chance to listen to anything they were doing until this CD release party!!

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