What if McCain Hired Hollywood Directors for His Campaign Ads?

We're in the homestretch of this political cycle.  As such, we can expect the blitzkrieg of campaign ads attempting to sway the undecided.  Not living in one of the "battleground" states, I'm shielded from most of the presidential attack ads, although state and local ads still permeate the airwaves.  Thank [insert deity here] that I don't have to see those ads as much as people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Florida do!  But what if the ads were more entertaining?  What if some of the big Hollywood directors were in charge of swaying the undecided? How would that play out for the candidates?  It would definitely be more entertaining to watch!  Here's a little montage of what it would be like if John Woo (Mission Impossible II), Kevin Smith (Clerks), and Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums) were to direct attack ads for John McCain. Thank you Landline TV!

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