Childhood memories make good furniture, ask Jellio

We've been preaching the gospel about this great design company Jellio for some time now ( Jellio feature LEGENDmag 17). We love how they incorporate all of those wonderful ideas from childhood (and for some adult hood) into really great pieces for your home. Well they're at it again and we have a first look for you. New products from Jellio Here are some descriptions of their new products: The Boogie Man Rug is our tribute to night time ghouls everywhere. Place it under your child's bed and they're sure to have the coolest room on the block. Gummi Glasses, with stems made of the same rubber material as our GummiLights, are meant to look like little ice cream cones, and are perfect for ice cream sundaes or really fun cocktails. And the Stingray Vase is sure to bring back memories of every wheelie you ever popped. Hand-sculpted to resemble a handlebar grip from those classic bikes, this 14" tall beauty looks great on any shelf, and comes with its own removable streamers! LEGENDmag Issue 17 "Indie-pendence Day"


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