It’s all about the sauce, and the pasta, and the beer, and the wine…

How is it that there's always something going on that you didn't know about in the city? When I read about this event I stopped caring about why I didn't know and just wanted to eat.  There are times when you have to sacrifice for the man kind. And I'll willing to throw myself in front of the bullet on this one. For all those people who can't eat tomatoes because they are too acidic, for everyone who is straight edge and won't imbibe wine, and for all those on diets that just don't allow for you to stuff yourself is for you I attend this event!

Did I mention that you're ticket includes all the pasta, beer, wine you can eat!

In celebration of Italian culture and cuisine, FIERI is hosting the world's largest tomato sauce competition in San Francisco. Bay Area restaurants will compete for the coveted distinction of being named The Boss of the Sauce!

Sunday, November, 2nd 2008

TIME: 12-5pm

San Francisco's Historic North Beach

Saints Peter and Paul Event Center

666 Filbert Street (click here for directions)

Click here to buy your ticket online

The event has attracted the attention of television producers for spotlight coverage to be evaluated by the Food Network. Proceeds from the event benefit Saints Peter and Paul Church, and FIERI, in preservation of the Italian Culture and language.

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