VOTE! Don't Vote!? Damnit… I just need to figure out a good Halloween costume already.

Something about screaming "VOTE!" and telling me to spam my friends is not my idea of motivation... but maybe I am just not in touch with the youth of this country anymore. Are they acting? And what is up with the Spielberg-ian attempts at jittery cameras and dialogue. And who is that one guy with the beard anyhow? ( think I should dress up like him for Halloween?!!) Ps. The forthcoming LEGENDmag issue 23 is all about politics, so if you haven't had enough yet... you can start reading here and make a hand release... niiiiice! Pps. Are those normal people sprinkled in for flavor, or did a new batch of celebrities just hatch? Ppps. VOTE! Pppps. Don't Vote. Ppppps. Just kidding, vote!! Pppppps. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good Halloween costume? (via FutureSarah)

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