American Girl…Diem Chau

Diem Chau I would really like for everyone to embrace this new time that we live in. It's a time to evaluate the values we love so that we can keep them and purge the values that will do us no good in our new future. We have to starting thinking in ways that include both the rural and the urban, the elite and the common, and red and the blue. I received an email today that talked about the blue states forming a new america and leaving the red states behind. The email was funny, I'm always up for a good laugh but the email address a real issue going on right now in America that this election has really brought to the forefront. People really believe that we are less alike. They believe we have more differences then similarities and that's a shame. There's no room in our evolution for that kind of thinking. We don't have the luxury to not be one nation. This art by Diem Chau is a great example of the subtle things we can do to make ourselves question what the norms are (the piece is called American Girl) and move forward as one nation, one people, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
Diem Chau has a upcoming show at Mark Wolfe Contemporary in San Francisco.

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