Top 5 Independent Online Fitness Training and Tracking Sites

Upon returning from a weekend of sun and sand in the Caribbean, I have given in to one simple, but hard truth: I'm out of shape.  In fact the phrase "out of shape" is too nice, as are analogies like "spare tire" and euphemisms like "my metabolism is slowing down".  Plain and simple: I'm fat. It hasn't always been this way.  Ever since high school, I have been strong and lean.  Going to the gym, getting exercise, and playing sports weren't something that went on a to do list, they were just a part of everyday life.  Exercising or choosing the right foods were no more an inconvenience to me, as say breathing was.  Fast forward to 2008, it's safe to say that my fitness train has derailed.  It's time to get my fitness train on the right track! This return to fitness got me thinking.  I've already signed up at my local independent gym, what else can I do to ensure I stay on the right track?  Below (and in no particular order) are the top five independent online fitness training and tracking sites to aid us on our path to fitness.
  • Customized workout given to you over your iPod or mp3 player.
  • Integrate your favorite workout tracks with the trainer’s workout.
  • It’s like having your personal trainer with you no matter where you workout.
  • Great for those who want the instruction and encouragement of a personal trainer at a better price
  • $19.95/month.
  • Creates a customized workout.
  • Creates customized nutritional and meal plans.
  • Gauge progress in five areas of fitness with one FitScore number.
  • Great for those who workout in the gym and focus on strength-training.
  • $14.95/month.
  • Applies the same detailed charts and graphs, like like those in personal financial programs.
  • Compare your fitness rankings to your friends, or to everyone on Fitness Journal.
  • Helps smokers kick the habit by tracking cigarette use.
  • Great for those who want to keep detailed fitness data… also great for iPhone users.
  • $7.95/month.
  • Uses online communities for encouragement and accountability.
  • Join groups of up to four people based on different criteria or create one of your own.
  • Broad motivational network.
  • Great for those who have good workout/diet routines, who also want social web aspect.
  • FREE.
  • Diet finder allows you to input what you want from a diet, then makes diet type suggestions.
  • Includes many essential health trackers including exercise, water intake, and sleep trackers.
  • Social community allows you to track your progress against others in your group.
  • Great for those who want detailed tracking of every detail on the way towards fitness goals.
  • FREE.

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