Christmas in Indieland with music to boot! (Indie Christmas music)

I'm not sure if this is a exactly a comprehensive list but it's a good start! I have to mention that although I'm not sure if Def Jam was independent when it first started (wasn't it?) but Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC is classic! If you think or know we missed some music hit us up so we can add to the list. 1. The Raveonettes - The Christmas Song 2. Dismemberment Plan - This Christmas 3. Death Cab For Cutie - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 4. The Polyphonic Spree - Happy Christmas (War Is Over) 5. Sufjan Stevens - We Three Kings Of Orient Are 6. The Flaming Lips - A Change at Christmas 7. The Walkmen - No Christmas While I’m Talking 8. Mogwai - Christmas Song 9. Sufjan Stevens - O Holy Night 10. Yo La Tengo - It’s Christmas Time 11. The Flaming Lips - Christmas At The Zoo 12. Eels - Christmas Is Going To The Dogs 13. Coldplay - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 14. Low - Just Like Christmas 15. Copeland - Do You Hear What I Hear 16. Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas 17. Sufjan Stevens - What Child Is This Anyway (via stereogum) MP3: Blitzen Trapper - Christmas Is Coming Soon (buy) MP3: Evangelicals - The Last Christmas On Earth (buy) MP3: Frightened Rabbit - It's Christmas So We'll Stop (buy) MP3: Mason Jennings - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (buy) MP3: Rogue Wave - Christmas (buy) MP3: Snowden - White Christmas (buy) (via musicunderfire) Ohmega Watts decided to do a xmas mix and we figured we'd pass it on. Enjoy Say Ho Mix by Ohmega Watts (pluglabel) I.N.T. is known as one half of the group La Melodia made 20 Christmas Tracks that are really dope. Check it out. Welcome to Christmas Wonderland by I.N.T (rappersiknow) Got a new list from Rachel Parker Lewis--Xmas Carol, NYC Rosie Thomas--Why Can't it Be Christmastime All Year Service Group--Merry Xmas Everybody Sufjan Stevens--Hey Guys! It's Christmas Time The Wombats--Is This Christmas? Master Slash Slave--All I Want For Christmas Rogue Wave--Christmas Low--Santa's Coming Over The Awkward Stage--Mini Skirt of Xmas Lights Zee Avi--No Christmas For Me Frightened Rabbit--It's Christmas So We'll Stop Thanks Ernie Jonathan Coulton's "Merry Christmas (from Chiron Beta Prime)": ------------------------------------------- I should mention at this juncture that this list has not been checked twice (as Santa would) to make sure these bands are indie, but I figure anything is better then the old classics. Some more progressive (I.N.T) and some not but either way enjoy.

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