Ice Jacket: “It’s like Christmas opening it up and seeing what you’ve created.”

legendmag1727-icejacket As seen in LEGENDmag print Issue 17 Founded by: Davis Wolf Year Founded: 2003 Location of Headquarters: Naples, Florida Lead Design: Davis Wolf. CAD by Clinton Percy, RapidPro,Longmont, Colorado Product Category: Gadgets; Barwares; Promotional Products Brand Philosophy: Think Brand/Product inspiration: A desire to be creative, have fun, and do things no one has ever done. What your most proud of at this point: At this point, as much as the outstanding quality, innovation and design the Ice Jacket offers, I am most proud of my perseverance. Plans for the future: In addition to numerous additional patents supported by products that have already been designed, my plans for the future include moving my family to the Rocky Mountains. If you could pick a spokesperson for you company who would it be? The ultimate spokesperson for the Ice Jacket would be a cross between Gatsby, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Bill Gates. LEGENDmag - Our 2cents2cents Talk about being a skeptic. Most of our staff felt this would be a product that promised more than it delivered and we’re happy to say we were dead wrong. The fill up is easy (we didn’t even read the directions) and even though we had to lean it to the side to fit the freezer, this posed no problem to the process. The best part is watering down the outside and getting ready to reveal the icey coolness that covers your bottle of Kettle One (always premium). It’s like Christmas opening it up and seeing what you’ve created. Kudos to the ice jacket. Time to throw a house warming.

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