JB Classics fills a void in the lifestyle we all live… one fantastic sneaker at a time.

legendmag2336-jbclassicslegendmag2337-jbclassics2 As featured in LEGENDmag print Issue 23 Location: San Francisco, CA Founded: 2001 Leadership: Jason Bass, Miss Mdot Category: Footwear/Lifestyle Affiliations: Triplewide Collective Products: Sneakers, lifestyle accessories Website: www.suite2206.com Brief overview: Changing canvases from the streets to shoes, JB Classics founders Jason Bass and Mdot have been bringing well designed shoes to those with a discerning eye for almost a decade now. JB Classics will be around for a long time. Don’t be the last to know! Brand philosophy: To bring it better from collection to collection. Understanding that success is a journey not a destination. Target consumer: Our goal is to fill the void in the lifestyle we live. We understand that our market is borderless, ageless and colorless. Over the last few years, we anticipated and planned for the time when our individually hand-numbered Premium models would reach a maximum distribution point. During this time period—sparked with a few onversations by Mdot—the Prime Label™ was launched. We are now in our 3rd season, with the label created to fulfill our global audience and growing brand supporters unable to obtain one of Premium models, while maintaining quality and making the brand available to a larger audience. With a combination of our Premium and Prime labels ( mid price point ) working together from season to season, our audience is growing naturally. Future Plans: We are continuing to learn, develop and proceed, respecting every step we take as well as nurturing and growing our global distribution relationships. We have a few special projects set for 08/09 and are planning to open JB Classics Lab consulting and development division.

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