Jellio: “We make home furnishings based on fun memories.”

legendmag1724-jelliolegendmag1721-jellio-2 As seen in LEGENDmag print Issue 17 Year Founded: Jellio was founded in 2006 Product Category: Furniture/home furnishings Lead Design: Mario Marsicano, Chris Lenox Brand Philosophy: We make home furnishings based on fun childhood memories. Location of headquarters: Our studio is in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Places to purchase your product: Price point of your product: $2500.00 Brand/Product inspirations: Toys and games from our youth (primarily the 70’s). What are you most proud of at this point: Turbo was a limited edition (10 were made) wall art piece that sold out in six weeks. And our gummilights are our most successful item. Plans for the future:  Continue to increase our retailer base to get out to as many consumers as possible. Also, to begin making childhood-themed items outside the home furnishings category. If you could pick a spokesperson for your company, who would it be? Myself, Mario Marsicano

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