Super Rad Toys: “Vinyl , a lot of hard work, and a lot of love”

legendmag1726-superradtoys As seen in LEGENDmag print Issue 17 Founded by: Jonathan Cathe and Simone Richlin in 2006 Location of headquarters: West Hollywood, CA Product Category: Designer Vinyl, Limited Ed. Lead Design: Ningyo Project/Lost Angel/AXIS OF EVIL Price point of your product: $80-$150 Plans for the future:  20 more lines in thequeue... sleep hopefully! Brand/Product inspirations: Pop Culture, Animation, Art, Multi-culturalism, and Detail. What was your product made to do:  Ningyo Project Gosho doll is a comparative arts study, analyzing themes and values between traditional and contemporary art as is translated on a traditional gosho form... it’s meant to draw parallels between collector’s and artist’s wants, needs, and philosophies... it’s to provoke, invoke and inspire. Brand Philosophy: We want to provide highquality, collectible pieces . We are known for our very elaborate printing, high-detail, large sized figurines. We champion what we like. What your most proud of at this point? We believe that we have had a hand in curating and positioning this product category and challenging tastes. If you could pick a spokesperson for your company who would it be? Simone, my partner... she’s much more eloquent than me. What is your product made of? Vinyl , a lot of hard work and a lot of love and care...

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