Working Class Heros: Helping you carry your lifestyle accessories in beautifully designed enclosures

legendmag1811-workingclass1 As seen in LEGENDmag online Issue 18 Founded by: monie.ka & james teal Year founded: 2007 Location of headquarters: Austria Product category: Luggage and accessories Perfect spokesperson for your company: monie.ka & james teal Places to purchase your product: Price point of your product: Laptop wallets from $40 Leadership: monie.ka & james teal Niche your product fills: Carrying your lifestyle accessories in beautifully designed enclosures and not in the generic ubiquitous options available elsewhere. Brand philosophy: High quality, well designed, original ‘lifestyle luggage’ Brand/product inspirations: English and Austrian style from a time when things were designed with heart and showed a real craftsmanship. The cars, the buildings – even the smallest safety pin, were designed with the utmost attention to detail. Proudest moment: Introducing our first range of designs and receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers. legendmag1811-workingclass2 Plans for the future: Expand our range of fresh designs and continue to build our own signature style in the products we make. Why people should look for your brand/products when they buy: Our products are individual and appeal to people who want to be individual when it comes to carrying something so personal like your laptop. The laptop sleeve market is so generic today; it’s time for Working Class Heroes to break the pattern. LEGENDmag - Our 2cents: Love the uniqueness, love the materials—although we’re not so sure about the arm stabilizer thing. Then again, since first glance, the only thing we could think about was slipping something inside.

About the Author

Rai-mon Nemar is an independent lifestyle advocate and the founder of LEGENDmag. With a background in music, coupled with more then 12 years of being an entrepreneur, Rai-mon is a forward-thinking progressive who's life work is synthesizing the independent aesthetic and creating a community for "indies". Visit his blog IndieGuy and follow him on twitter.