Pomplamoose Restores My Faith in Music

Yesterday, my faith was restored through a YouTube video. As typical internet-story as could be told... At 3:00pm, Ryan from Viddyou sent over a great little video featuring a catchy diddy and the Electro Harmonix vocoder pedal. After a quick quip about Kanye West ruining music using that exact device, I ventured to discover the featured musicians. Enter Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn. After spending the next 2 hours listening to, twittering about, and purchasing every bit of music I could from the duo; I happened upon a live acoustic recording, touting their first concert ever... happening in 3 hours, local. Wallet, phone, keys, jacket... check. Out the door, on a whim. The show was a mish-mosh of electro-acoustic acts including a good, traditional, dude-with-guitar folk opener, Daniel Adams; requisite oddball-amazing instrumentalists Shamalamacord and Duckmandu (featuring accordian and shamisen); some rude, goth/industrial band (who proceeded to talk through the following acts); and lastly a gorgeous, indie-acoustic folk band named All My Pretty Ones, featuring lush soundscapes and beautifully raw, honest harmonies. But the highlight for me (as expected) was Pomplamoose. With only 6 songs, and a largely YouTube fanbase, they tore the roof off the joint---clearly the crowd favorite. By bringing a fantastic blend of clever melodies, unexpected twists, quality musicianship, (and the addition of drummer Carlos Cabrerra)... they owned the stage. There was even a couple who drove out from Reno just for this show. If you ask me, that's the beginnings of something huge... and something that proves people still recognize good music when they hear it. For more about Pomplamoose: -- Pomplamoose on YouTube and MySpace -- Jack Conte on YouTube and MySpace -- Nataly Dawn on YouTube andMySpace For future shows like this, check out Pirate Cat Radio's "Baghdad by the Bay Showcase" and the Red Devil Lounge. Photos from the night: [gallery]

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