Uncle Sam learns the value of spending his money locally

local-govt-money It's both great and funny how as a society we have always looked to scientist and our government to tell us things we already know in our hearts and minds. Then other times we'll go ungainst what we know to be true on the inside because those same people tell us things that contridict how we feel. In this case I would like to be the first to help affirm what independents have felt in their hearts and minds for years, that spending money locally helps a community.  This is still the case even when it's the government doing the spending. All I can say is Duh! The story:
A new study commissioned by Local First Arizona reports that a purchasing contract with an independent local supplier recirculates three times as much money in the local economy as the same contract with a national firm.
Local First Arizona sought the study after noticing that local businesses were losing government contracts to national retailers. "At a time when our state faces dramatic budget cuts, we must ensure that every dollar spent is invested responsibly,” Local First Executive Director Kimber Lanning said. “This study shows that state, county, and municipal contracts have a profound ripple effect on their citizens: creating jobs, providing benefits and ensuring that our tax dollars remain in state.” Read the full story
So as a reminder to everyone out there with some cash in your pocket, for once in your life take a cue from Uncle Sam and spend locally. Buying locally and when you can't do that making sure your buying independent improves more then a corporations pocketbook!

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