Wine and Beats: 1st Course – Ravenswood Shiraz and Finale

1st Course: Ravenswood - Vintners Blend Shiraz California 2006 Finale - A Pipe Dream and A Promise wineandbeatspicforuse When it comes to quality I feel the wine industry and the music industry have some similarities. One of them being they both suffer from a great variety of product that without further inspection can be hard to determine quality at price consumers are willing to pay. Of course there are alot of great products out there but whether you're looking down the wine aisle at your local grocery or the music store in your city, you're faced with alot of options and not alot of ways to know what's what! There are tools to help you find products in both categories online and yet again even more options with less input on how to choose. In step Wine and Beats, a whimsical way to share our favorite musicians while enjoying our favorite libation. While enjoying any wine there's always a concern that the meal won't hold up it's end of the bargain. It's rare to order a bottle and have the food outshine the wine and this was my initial concern going into this pairing. Ravenswood Winery is based in Sonoma, California and in general is known to be a decent wine at a great price (one of the few wineries to have gone public, and be bought out) of course wine like music is totally subjective but trust me, Ravenswood usually holds up. Finale on the other hand I just wasn't sure about. Sure I heard Finale on a couple of tracks before and of course the press release is sure to mention that he's from the city that can do no wrong for hip hop right now, Detroit. Despite that, I wasn't convinced. Taking my first sip of the wine was fairly shocking to my system. Buying a Shiraz from California just didn't seem right and upon my first "whirl" (shout to Gary V.) it seemed a little spicy and had a hint of the dreaded "bad wine spice". *As an aside I'm not a Sommelier (wine expert) nor do I aspire to be one. Having been to enough tastings and working in the industry for a short amount of time, I've learned that wine is like anything else. The more you have the better you get at choosing what you like and what others might think will be pleasing. Putting that into words however is yet another skill. And so the "bad wine spice" was born. Finale Finale, unlike the Shiraz was impressive right out of the gate. A drum fill kicks off the album, the next thing you know he's mid sentence and you're feeling like you better listen to every word or you might just miss something. Considering this was the first 10 seconds I was impressed. This is where the wine also took a turn for the better. After the first song, I the wine had loosened up a little (It's called letting the wine breath). This was just what this Shiraz needs as begin to pick up the pace on this bottle. Skipping over the fact that the packaging for both products leave alot to be desired the substance vs. flash justification can definitely be used. Ravenwood pic The wine although slow out of the gate, didn't seem to have alot of tannins, which is that part of a wine that adds bitterness and is always sure to turn a newbie away quickly. It did however seem to be just a bit "hot" on the back end which can be great depending on what you're having with it. If you're having Finale with this wine I'd say you're good to go. Finale holds up just fine to a spicy wine. If anything I'd say that Finale was a little too complex for this simple straight forward wine. He goes from being street on one track to fairly soulful and melodic on others. The sign of a true master on the mic. In the end Finale comes through with a solid performance. This guys has styles, upon styles, upon styles (he switches his flow quite a bit) and the wine held up it's end. It's not a great wine but I would definitely keep a bottle in the house for my friends with an underdeveloped pallet for wine. Ravenswood - Vintners Blend Shiraz California 2006 Finale - A Pipe Dream and A Promise

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