Wine and Beats: 2nd Course – Forrest Hill ~ Gewürztraminer and Kero One ~ Early Believers

2nd Course: Forrest Hill ~ Gewürztraminer and Kero One ~ Early Believers 2nd-course Kero One - Forrest Hill Every good meal deserves a good wine and some great music to cook too. For all of you wanna be top chefs out there who don't turn on the beats when you're cooking,  let me be the first to say "your missing out!". Did I mention this is Wine and Beats? So this week is an exciting one because we received an advanced copy of Kero One's ~ Early Believers and had to pair it with something. So who the hell is Kero One? He's a guy who started making and mixing great music about 10 years ago. I still remember seeing that green cover on one of his early releases and hearing about him via King Most. He's a smooth dude, without a doubt. The first time I saw him live although I felt like he was a little awkward, I also felt like he was a vet all at the same time. How someone pulls that off I don't know but check him out when you get a chance. Now I must say straight off the bat that this weeks pairing was done by accident. My intent was to pair a Albernio (Spanish wine you'll learn about in the next course) with this album and meal but that changed once I started cooking cook with the Forest Hill ~ Gewurztrawminer. I ended up loving the wine with the meal so much partly because I used the wine in the sauce that I had to switch the wine. When you have something in your mouth that matches what you're hearing it's like magic.  This is the great thing about this particular pairing. When this wine hits your palette (your tongue) you immediately feel good. The light sweet flavor is the kind of taste that newbies love. *Newbies: There's nothing wrong with not having drank alot of wine in your life. This show is actually for those people. The problem with most wine shows and tasting events is that they assume you know something about wine (well I know some things but not enough to be doing a wine show). Well I assume you know nothing because although I've tasted alot of wine I don't know anything either. My hope is that  you'll feel good about being a newbie and dive into more wine. Forrest Hills pic Kero One's entire album is dedicated to all of his newbies. People who discovered him back in the day and those who just discovered him recently, one more he says as much in his album notes. He also has a texture that starts the same as this weeks wine. It's easy to get into Kero One's music. The chords remind you of jazz but never lack a pace or thump you are used to from a good hip hop / Nu Jazz joint. You feel rewarded from the first note. Getting past the first 3 glasses is the easy part. It's when you realize that the wine isn't complex enough late in the game that you begin to just settle in for a good, not great finish. Although I would say Kero One delivers more then the wine does it's close to the same truth. Kero's sound is unique and all his own but doesn't stray from the formula much in flow, instrumentation or feel. Don't get me wrong, neither the wine nor the beats in this post are mundane or humdrum but they also don't top the scale. Late weekend winter nights  with Kero One and Forrest Hills is a great thing. Winery: Forrest Hill Type of Wine: Gewürztraminer Region made: Sonoma Price: 5.99 Aritist: Kero One Album: Early Believers Music Lable: Plug Label Music Relase Date: April Bonus - As an Added bonus this week I'm giving you the recipe to the meal I made with the wine. Mmmm mmm good! It starts off looking like this Ingredients Tangy Whoosah! What you'll need: 1/2 Orange Bell Pepper - chopped 1 med. Carrot - sliced 3 Cloves of Garlic - Crushed 1 Lemon - Sliced in half 1 bunch of Oregano - Chopped 2 Pinchces of Rosemary 2 cups frozen shrimp 2 Tbls. Honey 1 Bottle Gewürztraminer (for sauce and drinking during and after) Linguine for 2 people Take a medium sized sauce pan, add virgin olive oil and bring fire up to medium burn. Add in Bell Pepper, Carrots, Garlic, Oregano and squeeze in half of the lemon. Near the end pour in a couple tables spoons of the wine and let simmer. Put the frozen shrimp into another sauce pan with some olive oil and bring the fire to low. I used cooked shrimp and goal here is just to get them to the point where they aren't frozen. As the shrimp though they let go of the water and there is a pan full of oil and "shrimp juice" when they are unthawed. At this point take them out, add a half cup of the wine, the other lemon half (squeezed in), rosemary, honey and let reduce down. After about 10 to 15min add another half cup of wine and a 1/4 of water and let reduce a little longer (10 to 15 minutes). Cook your noodles (I like them al dente) and you're done. Just add the pasta to a bowl first, then the shrimp and veggies and drizzle the sauce over top. There you have it, Tangy Whoosah! It ends up looking like this.... Half eaten (I forgot to take a picture before I started to eat I was so excited to dig in). aftercooked Note* "Whoosah" was taken from the movie Bad Boys. It's Martin Laurence's de-stress word given to him by a psychiatrist. He rubs his ears every time he says it. :-) I believe the captin uses it as well.

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