If you can't be naked, let Enclothe help you wear clothes that make a statement (from LEGENDmag 25)

Branded Independent - Enclothe Some people still make great tee’s with great art using quality materials. Enclothe is one such company. The artists and visionaries at Enclothe have come together to create a line that is inspiring, whimsical and poignant. If you can’t be naked all the time, be sure to wear clothes that make a statement. Enclothe can help you do just that. Brand philosophy: Enclothe believes in creating great art that is smart and looks good on t-shirts but that can also tell a story or communicate a feeling. We are not interested in plastering our name or logo on the clothes we produce. Target consumer: People who love to dress. Plans for the future: Since our move to San Diego we want to really establish ourselves in the local art community. We started back in ‘03 when there was not much in the way of shirts on the internet. But we always felt there was something lacking in what was being offered out there. There was an abundance of jokey punny shirts, and Threadless.com was really into the illustrator looking stuff but we just couldn’t really find anything we liked. We’ll be doing more cut n sew hoodies and expanding our line as much as possible. Year Founded: 2008 Location: San Diego Category: Retail, Fashion Leadership: Derek Myers, Sven Palmowski, Adam Rosenlund and Jeremy Hanlin Products: Art-inspired shirts and hoodies Web site: www.enclothe.com leftnav_magazinecover --- Check out all the great features from LEGENDmag 25, including: A Fine Line: Guerilla photos in Columbia, Bento: A Good Square Meal, the music of Nonagon, Indiebound's attention to value, and Enclothe's fashion statement.

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