Next Legends: J*Davey, “Sound Pioneers” take us on a musical tour de force (from LEGENDmag 23)

J Davey is a musical tour de force, a duo of such magnetic and exciting proportions that we are stunned that they haven’t set the whole world on fire…yet. Made up of Jack Davey (she’s the hot modelesque girl in the mohawk) and Brook D’Leau (he’s the hot guy with the stunning talent), J Davey is poised to take the world by storm and bring us new sounds to shake it to. Blending electronica, soul, funk and hip-hop, this amazing team has produced booty shaking, earth quaking, soul splitting grooves the likes of which we have not seen for days! Get in on the ground floor of a musical revolution, people. Welcome to the world of J Davey. Where do you look for inspiration? Brook: Dark corners and bright lights. Jack : I don’t look for it, I simply wait for it to find me. Where is you favorite spot on earth? Brook: The church parking lot Jack : It’s a toss-up between the church parking lot & my bed . How did you start? Brook: In the middle? Jack : I’m not so sure I’ve even really started . . . How did you decide on this path? Brook: I don’t recall making this decision. Jack : Yeah, music just kinda decided for me. How many times have you wanted to quit? Brook: -3. Jack : Almost everyday, but I will never actually have the balls or nerve to do so. How do you pay your bills? Brook: Our music pays my bills. Thank you Geebus! Jack : Amen. How do you become legendary? Brook: Forget about trying to become legendary and know that you know nothing at all. Jack : What he said. What is your end goal? Brook: I don’t like goals. Jack : There’s an end to this thing? What is your style? Brook: aV8r (aviator). Jack : Anything goes. What is your formula? Brook: Everything has the potential to go wrong at any time. Be happy when it doesn’t. Jack : I abandoned the formula a long time ago, because it no longer works. Who influences you? Brook: All the people who are close to me and anything I absorb when I’m by myself. Jack : The question should really read, ”What influences you?” & to answer such a question requires time & space that transcends the now. Who is on your team? Brook: People who can actually get me on the phone. Jack : Yeah, I like that answer. Make that a “ditto”. Who have you enlisted for help? Both : Vizion Jones. Who do you call family? Both: The people who don’t need to talk to us everyday but still love and support us for who we are. Why are you independent? Brook: My dad….and, who doesn’t want to be? Jack : Because dependency is de passe. Why do you do what you do? Brook: I told you, I don’t know anything. Jack : It feels right, so why not? Why should we care? Brook: You don’t have to. Jack : Just cuz. Do u need a reason to care about anything? Why don’t most people make it? Brook: Because they actually think there is a such thing as “making it”. Jack : Because they act as though they’ve already made it.

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