On the download (free indie music): Music from Santogold remixed by King Britt and Pseduo Slang (mp3)

We have definitely been loving all the music we get because we have a mag but what's good if it's not shared? So we decided to start hitting you off with the great music that we get to hear all the time. Feel free to leave your thoughts about the music in the comments. You can download music from Santogold and Pseudo Slang after the jump! Santogold
In case you are on a media fast, we decided to give you some Santogold love via one of our favorites King Britt! Here's what he had to say about his remix.
"Santigold (Santi to me), has been a friend for a very very longtime. It has been a pleasure to see and hear her progression and success. From killer albums to touring with Kanye and Bjork to over 30 commercials on tv, Santi has hit the scene hard! She is currently in studio with Pharell for her 2nd album. But here, I finally present, by popular demand, my remix (or reproduction) of Anne. This song is a very heavy tune and I wanted to give Santi a very cinematic point of view. Santi loved it and we agreed to give it out. Guitars: Tim Motzer; Beats, Keys and Mixing: King Britt; Mastered by Shawn @ Optimum"
Pseudo Slang
When asked how this track came about he said: "At the time when I wrote it, we were touring and when I first heard the rough beat from Tone I was just writing text from afar, you know, writing from the road. It can be thankless to book tours, you let it whisk you away until you return home and then remember you still have to deal with the issues at hand. In a way, I needed this track and it presented itself to me in a natural way; I didn't have to force it and it wasn't just a track where we said, 'Let's just be creative', it just kind of came about from being out on the road."

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