Finding your "Soul Power" with Raashan Ahmad, of the Crown City Rockers (video)

Finding your "Soul Power" with Raashan Ahmad, of the Crown City Rockers (video)
page5 As the from man for the Crown City Rockers, Raashan is no stranger to making music and controlling the crowd. His solo album Push that dropped a short time ago on OM Hip Hop was departure from his fronting of the popular hip hop band but was a welcome gesture of intamcy. That vibe is furthered along with his new venture Soul Power, mostly made while out on tour. This album gives us an even more intimate feel and we thought we'd get just a bit deeper with him in our next legends features. Where are you from?-Trenton N.J./Mid City L.A./Altadena CA./Boston MA. and now Oakland CA. Where do you look for inspiration?-Everywhere although it usually hits when I'm not looking. Where is you favorite spot on earth? (physical location)-top of any mountain in Sedona AZ. Where is the best place to start?-When inspiration comes How did you start?-Watching my big brother plus showing up to an audition as a dancer and being told they only wanted rappers so I decided I would rap since I drove so far... How did you decide on this path/thing?-After moving back home from boston my rap partner moe would call me beatboxing and playing headnodics beats over the phone and saying "come back!" I decided I would go back and REALLY take it seriously. How many times have you wanted to quit?-289877836454723000000000 times. and 1
How do you pay your bills?-by the grace of God and the skin of my teeth...but thru music. This is my full time j.o.b. How do you become legendary?-Putting out quality music that I believe in and touches my heart, soul, and feet. By moving with passion and finding likeminded fans. What makes you good?-I study my craft, watch others mistakes and successes, practice, then forget it all and do what i feel. I speak on ish that hopefully makes people wanna fight, cry, laugh, revolt, have sex, and most of all move! What is your end goal?- To have as many people hear my music to help build a stronger world community to make money to have a personal assistant to help organize my life. What is your style?-"if I can't dance I don't wanna be a part of your revolution" What is your formula?-Whatever sounds good. Follow inspiration even if she's dressed wierd. It's always changing.. Who influences you?-my fam,elders,mostly though it's "what" influences me. I'm a people watcher so I love watching people and making up there stories. weather influences me food...whatever gives me feeling. Who is on your team?-Once again my family, crown city rockers.
(look for a free download from the album on our "On the download" Wednesday post!) Who have you enlisted for help?-hmmmm enlisted means I asked and they helped right? I asked alot of folks especially being an independent artist but it's a hard grind so when the money doesn't spread as much and as quickly goes even faster it's kinda hard for peeps to stay "enlisted"Who do you call family?-Outside of my blood family, crown city rockers, my high school peoples from back in the day and anyone who I've leaned on in hard times maybe 10 or so peoples.
Why are you independent?-Because there are really only 2 choices to be labeled...independent or mainstream and I don't have any top 40 hits. Why do you do what you do?-Because I have to. Why should we care?-Because I'm good, humble but good. If you don't like my music I'll buy you a doughnut. Why don’t most people make it?-They lack persistance and don't learn from mistakes. I watch shows sometimes and wonder if the performer sees that nobody cares! Then the next night they do the show again the same way. Sometimes I wish people boooo'd like they used to.
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