On the download: Dj Psol, Dj Shred One, Céu (mp3)

Micheal One of our favorite deejays and someone we consider family over here at LEGENDmag, Shred One is one of those people who just has soul. You can tell it when you meet her and when you hear her play it just confirms what you already knew was true. She's been doing her deejay thing for a short time but has already become a staple in the west coast soul seen. O Judge for yourself and download her new mix for Brooklyn Circus one of our favorite Brick'n Mortors. Another family member having done the first ever LEGENDmag mix and a rep for OFFICIAL hats Psol is a staple in the new landscape of LA's deejay seen. His summer bounce series gets some new juice with this years installment. Summer bounce 2 download ceu-pic To keep you off your everyday grind and put something new in your player, here's Céu. A break out artist who we can't get enough of. She's definately someone to keep your eyes on the look out for.Here new album is out now but here's a song for you to wet your appetite. Download Bubia

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