The 9th Annual Fire Arts Festival Burns Its Way Into Our Hearts With A Fantastic, Huge, New Location

The sun sets over the 880 as the performers and industrialists gather to build the burning chaos that will be the Fire Arts Festival. Under the freeway overpass seems a perfect setting for the weekend's event... and as fire roars on stage, performers and patrons fall in love with the newly built temporary West Oakland annex. Tunnel of Transformation by Kasiawojnarski You can't help but want to get involved as you park your car and enter the Fire Arts Festival grounds. Massive metal fire-breathing sculptures are everywhere. Passionate inventors, scientists, performers, and metal-workers are everywhere. It is the world's best commercial for industrial arts. And whether a welder by trade or a closet pyro, this is your mecca... this is your home. So, by all means... go! [gallery]

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