What is the difference between campaign contributions and a bribes?

Campaign Reform The problem with our country today is not with gun laws and sure they could use some reform. The problem with our country is our inability to change our campaign laws. The majority of our politicians are disguised as well educated influencers and act as nothing more than power hungry carpet baggers carrying alternative agendas. I'm not saying all politicians... I'm saying most. Even our own Supreme Court more or less ruled that campaign contributions are free speech. Lawyers, lobbyist and politicians are paid to keep things status quo and they are 100% influenced by campaign contributions that keep reform from happening that benefit the greater good. A few great examples of this include: 1. Lack of environmental controls and ability to really control hydrocarbon fracking in the USA. We're ruining our ground water. We're pumping billions of gallons of acid and highly toxic chemicals into the ground. It will eventually reach the upper crust or the water supply. We freaked out when gas crossed the $2 threshold back in the early 2000's. What will happen to human beings when the price of water doubles or triples? You can expect more war as resources become more scarce or increase in costs to manufacture. 2. Enforcing GMO policies with regards to foods. How is it that the EU collectively does not allow for GMO food production? We allow big companies to manufacture foods that contain 10-20% of a real product and they are allowed to call it real? How is this affecting insurance costs related to healthcare? Why are we so obese as compared to the other superpower countries? 3. Gun laws. Is everyone entitled to own a gun? Should it be a right or a privilege? It isn't a right for people to drive. If you are too old and cannot see or if you have epilepsy, you are not allowed to drive. If you cannot control your drinking and driving you cannot drive. Why don't these same rules apply to guns? The answer goes back to federal funds being allocated to Department of Transportation for dispersal to state governments and the answer goes to the ever powerful NRA. Politicians are too scared to challenge the constitution. It makes you unpopular. Better to look away than ruffle feathers. This is chicken shit behavior. Bribes 4. Medical compassionate use programs. Wow, it takes 7-10 years for a drug to be approved thru the FDA. For a dying person, that's not going to work. Do you know how long it takes for an illegal substance to be classified as Schedule 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 drug? Weeks! Does Pfizer, Merck, Schering Plough have the right to pay money to directly infiltrate the FDA's approval process? 5. What is the difference between campaign contributions and a bribe? The amount you pay, your legal disclosures to the IRS, how it affects your ability to apply or kill policy that benefits the majority of your constituency? Campaign reform is the only way to change America. The founding fathers knew this and they expected things to change as the world changed around America. If they were alive today, they would no doubt be highly disappointed in how our politicians do their jobs.

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