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Below are current and back issues of our fine publication. They are all presented in downloadable, web-ready PDF format... ready for your consumption.
LEGENDmag 27 "The Young Ones" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 27 >> VIEW ISSUE 27 ONLINE Next Legends: Kev Choice Sean Forbes Amanda Lopez Branded Independent: Cheerwine ZocDoc In The Mood 4: Open Moko
LEGENDmag Issue #26 cover LEGENDmag 26 "The Young Ones" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 26 >> VIEW ISSUE 26 ONLINE Next Legends: Una Kim Richie Cunning Kjerstin Erickson Mindwalk Blvd
LEGENDmag Issue #25 cover LEGENDmag 25 "Inner/national" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 25 >> VIEW ISSUE 25 ONLINE Features: A Fine Line A Good Square Meal Next Legends: Nonagon Branded Independent: IndieBound Enclothe
LEGENDmag Issue #24 cover LEGENDmag 24 "Indie Events Calendar 2009" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 24 >> VIEW ISSUE 24 ONLINE Features: The 2009 Independent Events Calendar
LEGENDmag Issue #23 cover LEGENDmag 23 "Transparency is the new Democracy" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 23 Features: Transparency is the new Democracy The pulse of the election A Presidential Beatdown—Choosing a leader Next Legends: Gary Veynerchuk—Viticultural Guru Black Spade—Hip-Hop Innovator Jay Duplas—Film Savant Upsidedown—Musican Magicians J Davey—Sound Pioneers Branded Independent: Etsy—Handmade ecommerce Thread—Indie fashion brand incubator JB Classics—Footwear/lifestyle brand Blank Blank—Furniture/lighting/interior design Brick 'n Mortar: Subtext—San Diego, CA RIMENYC—Brooklyn, NY True Sake—San Francisco, CA ...and much more!!
LEGENDmag Issue #22 cover LEGENDmag 22 "Searching" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 22 >> VIEW ISSUE 22 ONLINE Features: MioCulture—At last, a sustainable company making affordable products Watson Twins—Performing in pairs Show 'n Tell—Trevor Traynor Next Legends—Tanya Morgan We Heard—Starbucks takes a beating
LEGENDmag Issue #21 cover LEGENDmag 21 "Balance" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 21 >> VIEW ISSUE 21 ONLINE Features: Brother Ali—Always Ahead of the Race Next Legends—Irene Hernandex-Feiks Better Off Read—When Space Meets Art Brick and Mortar—D-Structure Branded Independent— We Heard—Beer, nut huggers, and crafts
LEGENDmag Issue #20 cover LEGENDmag 20 "Beautiful" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 20 >> VIEW ISSUE 20 ONLINE Feature stories: This Ain't Your Father's Day: It's Mama Clothing Branded 2008 photos Murs: A Refined Human Being Digital Music
LEGENDmag Issue #19 cover LEGENDmag 19 "Deeper" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 19 >> VIEW ISSUE 19 ONLINE Feature stories: Diggin' Deeper: Nicolay DRY Soda Co. Indie Politics
LEGENDmag Issue #18 cover LEGENDmag 18 "Soul by the Pound" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 18 >> VIEW ISSUE 18 ONLINE Feature stories: BIY: Become a music aficionado Sakeone and Jboogie Michael Fakesch Featured products: Popcling Working Class Heros Featured music: Das Vibenbass DJ Riff Raff The Shotgun Wedding Quintet Featured art: Josh Silvera, Paul Torres
LEGENDmag Issue #17 cover LEGENDmag Issue 17 "Indie-pendence Day" >> DOWNLOAD ISSUE 17 >> VIEW ISSUE 17 ONLINE Feature stories: Nicacelly and why her day has come! Long time coming: The Addict Merchants BIY: Steps to building your own fashion line Grub: Ideas for an urban organic kitchen Featured products: Ice Jacket Jellio Super Rad Toys Swigz Viddyou Featured music: Bright Light Fever Lovemakers MoonShyne Featured art: Ben Walker Pwilliams

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kc! Bradshaw is the Creative Director for LEGENDmag, a founder of CircleSavvy and works as a freelance graphic designer for Exkclamation. In his spare time, he enjoys the finer textures of life; rides his classic motorcycle; and absolutely loves music. Stalk him on Twitter.